Mask 1/35 Typ 770K(W150)   (ICM)
Mask 1/35 15 CWT truck /Breda 20/65 (ITAL)
Mask 1/35 LVT-4  (AFV)
Mask 1/35 Merkava IIID wheel masks (HOBBYB)
Mask 1/35 SU 152 wheel masks   (TRUMP)
Mask 1/35 Pz.IV Ausf H   (ITAL)
Mask 1/35 Canadian AVGP Grizzly   (TRUMP)
Mask 1/35 BTR-50PK APC (TRUMP)
Mask 1/35 Elefant wheel masks  (TAM)
Mask 1/35 M-109A wheels (KIN)
Mask 1/35 V3000S (ICM)
Mask 1/35 L3H163 (ICM)
Mask 1/35 Kfz.2 Radio car (ICM)
Mask 1/35 Merkava Mk.3D (MENG)
Mask 1/35 T-55 Enigma   (TAM 35324)
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