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1/72 British 40mm AT gun QF 2 pounder
1/72 Olympia Staff Car mod.1937 (saloon)
In stock
1/72 Olympia Staff Car mod.1938 (cabrio)
In stock
1/72 Kfz.1
In stock
1/72 Kfz.4 German WWII AA motor vehicle
1/72 British Light Staff Car 8 HP FORLITE
1/72 Sd.Kfz.250/8 L.Schutzenpanzerwagen 7,5cm
In stock
1/72 NKL-16/41 Soviet Aerosan
In stock
1/72 Aerosan RF-8 GAZ-98K
1/72 Beobachtungspanzer Mk.VI 736(e)
In stock
1/72 Munitionspanzer Mk.VI 736(e)
In stock
1/72 S.A.I MIe 1937 French 25mm Anti-tank gun
1/72 AHN French 3,5 truck medical van
1/72 M2A1 105mm US Field Howitzer
1/72 US 3 inch AT Gun M-5 on carriage M-1
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