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Military Vehicles

1/72 AA-60 Firefighting truck (5 decal versions)
1/72 917t German Truck (with canvas)
In stock
1/72 VOMAG 8 LR LKW German Heavy Truck
1/72 V3000S/SSM Maultier Germ.Halftrack w/ Flak 38
1/35 Urgent dispatch! (Sd.Kfz.2 170VK with crew)
1/72 Kfz 68 Funkmastkraftwagen German Truck G 3a
In stock
1/72 Type 1 CHI-HE Japanese Medium Tank
In stock
1/72 917t Japanese Truck (Yokohama Cab)
1/35 T-55/T-62/T-72 RMSh Workable Track Links late
1/72 8.8cm Flak 36 auf Vomag - German AA vehicle
In stock
1/72 German Light Truck G 3a Ambulance
In stock
1/72 Type B Omnibus
1/72 V3000S German Truck - General Service
1/72 S-125
In stock
1/72 Crusader Mk.III AA Tank w/ 20mm Oerlikon guns
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