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Military Vehicles

1/72 T-60 Soviet Light Tank (zavod #264, m. 1942)
1/72 T-60 Soviet Light Tank (GAZ prod. m.1942)
In stock
1/72 BM-8-24 Multiple Rocket Launcher
In stock
1/72 Cannon de 155 C m.1917 (wooden wheels)
In stock
1/72 Cannon de 155 C m.1918 (wooden wheels)
In stock
1/72 508CM Coloniale Italian light car
1/72 Super Snipe Saloon British Staff Car WWII
In stock
1/72 Super Snipe Lorry 8cwt (FFW)
1/72 Typ 770K (W-150) Tourenwagen
1/72 Typ 770K (W-150) Cabriolet F
In stock
1/72 Panzernest German WWII mobile MG bunker
In stock
1/72 SdKfz.6 Pionier Zugkraftwagen 5t
In stock
1/72 3.7cm Flak 36 AA gun w/ Sd.Ah.52 trailer
1/72 Pak.36(r) 7,62cm German field gun
1/72 F-22 76.2mm Soviet field/AT gun
In stock
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